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We’ve played just about every kind of slot imaginable over the last 20 years, ranging from simple fruit machines to complex, multi-reel monsters. Each one is different, each one has a unique theme, and each one has catered to our needs. But in an age where younger generations are starting to take over as the primary workforce of the world, gaming companies are starting to notice a trend, and are beginning to try and meet that trend head on. For generations like the Millennials, video games have been a huge part of their lives, and have shaped the way they consume entertainment. From simple 2D arcade games to the sprawling RPGs that have seen huge popularity, there’s no denying the Impact that the video game industry has had on the younger generations of the world https://play-online-casino-slots.com/ . Because of this, many younger players have grown disillusioned with the types of slots and online betting NZ that dominate the casino world – with the biggest complaint being the lack of general progression.